Luciferian and Satanic Perspectives of Christianity

22 Jul

Even though Luciferians and Satanists don't see Satan and Lucifer precisely the exact same way Christians do, their own selection of those Biblical titles reflects their own views and criticism of Christianity. Satan and Lucifer are rebels from the Christian God, representing each the items that God prohibits humanity based on this Satanic and Luciferian view.

God is Oppressive

It is believed that God of Christianity is oppressive, cruel, and random. Christians distribute themselves to some demanding deity committing religious blackmail by threatening to damn the disobedient. Within this circumstance, it is not essential if such a being exists, it is more important to comprehend its oppressive character.

God Derides His Own Creations

In accordance with conventional Christianity, the material world is filled with sinful temptations that could lead someone from the path of salvation. These items include the conveniences of life like good food, gender, and luxury items. Why make something with the only goal of enticing followers?

The two Luciferians and Satanists unashamedly love life to its fullest, blowing religious or cultural taboos. For Satanists, bodily presence is that the sum total of individual presence. For Luciferians, both soul and body are significant, but they aren't in conflict with each other.

Encouragement of Mediocrity

Christianity downplays the value of the person. Pride in one's achievements is regarded as a sin. Without the assurance of some type of reward--acclamation, riches, progress, all which can be temptations--can you be invited to excel beyond nominal expectations?

Mass Religion as a Means of Control

Christianity depends greatly on supposed authority. Christians are expected to take the Bible as reality and to adhere to the orders of church leaders. Private interpretation is often condemned, especially when it contradicts the comprehension of the bulk.

Satanism and especially Luciferianism, are esoteric religions. There are no gurus, saints or authoritative leaders. Both classes promote the individual study of things and never accept something entirely because you are told you need to.

Neither Luciferianism nor Satanism seeks converts, not as much pressure individuals to combine, and all members would like to be actively engaged. Most Christians, on the other hand, were born to the religion and, at least in the brain of the Satanist or Luciferian, often accept it since they have been raised to accept it, or for fear of damnation. They maintain their beliefs closely; they become blind to external criticism.

Delusions vs Reality

Christianity paints a picture of earth entirely at odds with reality. Natural urges are damaging. Individuals are expected to be considerate or even submissive so as to prevent conflict, also if it might be detrimental to themselves. Spiritual beings judge every soul on arbitrary rules, leaving guys in constant fear of the possible salvation.

Satanists and Luciferians concur that there's more to the planet than that which is readily apparent and these things take time, energy, and evaluation to comprehend. That will not make such matters inexplicable, nevertheless. The planet can be understood without the occurrence of an all-powerful deity.

A Great God Could Have Made This World

Christians insist that God is excellent and that he's the founder of everything. The all-powerful Christian God is omnipotent, and he missed the possibility that his inventions could neglect him. As opposed to acknowledging the error, the blame is put on the lower beings--humankind as well as the Fallen Angel, Satan.

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